Analytics Baneer

Predict, Classify And Learn
About Your Business Levers Through
Advanced Analytics Models


Simplified analytics platform

Bring out the story behind your data by empowering your business users to develop simple models, and create interactive and appealing charts. Intelliswift’s intuitive, rich UI enables business users to become citizen data scientists through its drag and drop ML components. Simple and commonly used ML models (regression, classification, tree-based, NLP etc.) are readily available for businesses to take actionable insights.

Pre-trained models

Profile and enrich your data during the transformation process and detect patterns, correlations, etc. using configurable connectors and pre-trained models – which in turn lead to enhanced business insights and visualizations. Share/publish your data with other departments and customers with a single click.

Key Features

Key Features

Drag and
drop UI

Key Features

Pre mapped data libraries
and accelerators for
enhanced data sets

Key Features

Create customized business
stories for specific user roles
via graphical workflows

Key Features

Define, pre-set, and reuse data
transformation rules for standardized
and faster outcomes

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