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While conceptualizing a product or your digital transformation journey the very first step is to define the 'what & why?' as unambiguously as possible. Our product development experts and technology consultants start with you at that very first step.

Once the need is clearly identified it is important to define the boundaries taking into consideration the time-to-market vis-a-vis the must have's, good to have's and wont have's. We map the entire journey based on the required factors and accordingly choose the technology and design the product architecture with inherent scalable capabilities.

Our Capabilities

Product Conceptualization

Companies today need to be agile and nimble as far as mapping their product needs are concerned. Intelliswift's team of experts make sure that your needs are aligned to the latest technologies out there.

Our team enables you to design the solution keeping in mind the following key aspects:

  • Customer profiling and market understanding
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Key USPs that need to be made more prominent through technology
  • Customer experience design/ease of use
  • Scoping the functionalities, technology & infrastructure for Angel, Seed, or Venture Capital funding requirements

Usability Assessment & Improvements

It is paramount to make sure that user experience is central to the product being built. Our team of UX/UI experts consider all key usability aspects, when designing your product.

A few such aspects, amongst many others, that we work around are:

  • Intuitive enough interface to make the functionalities and navigation seamless to understand
  • Ease of learning, so that accomplishing tasks for new users is a breeze
  • Usage efficiency to enable users to complete tasks in the fastest time possible
  • Memorability optimizations to make future visits more effective for returning users

Technology & Architecture

Good underlining technology stack and architecture makes sure that the product is built with future scalability and changes in mind.

Our team of technology veterans having over 25 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, Small and Medium businesses as well as start-ups, design the solutions for your specific needs.

We are abreast with the latest in the technology world, as many of our engineers have been part of the core R&D teams with the top 3 tech companies in the world.

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Intelliswift Enables 30% Reduction in P1/P2 Incidents Through Proactive Problem Management for a Leading API Management Platform

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Our Success Stories

Intelliswift Averts Product End-of-Life Challenges Through Strategized Support for a Global Leader in API Management

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Our Success Stories

Infrastructure Automation and Maintenance for a US-based API Management Platform

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