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Next-Gen Automation with
iAssure: Intelliswift’s AI-Driven,
Auto-Remedial Testing

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Agile engineering demands an accelerated engineering cycle- from ideation to delivery. Demands for innovative software and applications that are delivered in a heartbeat, require an accelerated automation to support true DevOps culture. Think Intelligent Automation. AI/ML- driven test automation or ‘Intelligent Automation’ plays a key role in accelerating engineering process – backed with AI-ML capabilities, intelligent automation enables higher efficiency with low to no error rates, reduces operational risks, and improves response times.

iAssure: Intelliswift’s Next-Gen AI-Driven Automation Testing

Intelliswift’s iAssure is a comprehensive methodology, combining consulting, advisory services, technical processes, and quality assurance dimensions to reflect a strong commitment to evidence-based decision-making and continuous improvement. The methodology encompasses tools with AI & ML-driven self-generation and self-healing capabilities that are coupled with predictive analytics & continuous feedback.


Our autonomous test platform incorporates AI, ML algorithms and cutting-edge NLP techniques in the areas of risk management, test maintenance and test authoring.


It is a risk-driven, intelligence-led prioritization of vulnerabilities and weaknesses, supported by automated attack simulation tools.


Our hybrid platforms are suited for scalability across multiple OS/device/browser combinations and with the ability to auto-scale up/down instances as required


Our unified technology agnostic platform caters to multiple web, API, mobile, desktop and legacy based applications across various test types.


The robust autonomous platform with self-generation and self-healing capabilities is able to validate complex actions and data elements.

Engineering Excellence

Our rigorous process of understanding your people, process, and technology outlines the gaps and pain points in the current state and helps strategize better.

Offerings & Solutions

Offerings & Solutions images

Consultancy & Advisory Services

  • Assurance Transformation
  • Intelligent Automation Transformation
  • Test Centre of Excellence
  • Quality Maturity Model - Assessment & Recommendations

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Business Assurance

  • Agile – In-sprint Tests / Automation
  • Business Process Validation
  • Compatibility/Localization/
    Globalization Testing
  • Continuous TDD/BDD Tests
  • Usability/Exploratory Tests
  • A/B Testing

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Speciality Assurance

  • Script Less, No Code/Low Code Automation
  • Performance Testing & Engineering
  • DevSecOps Testing
  • Service Virtualization
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Computerized System Validation

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Next-Gen Assurance

  • Artificial Intelligence Tests
  • Autonomous Platform Tests
  • Big Data & Analytics Tests
  • Synthetic Test Data Generation & Management
  • RPA
  • IoT
  • ERP/COTS Platform Tests

Why Intelliswift’s iAssure?

We deploy a multi-dimensional approach to successfully transform quality for our customers and outperform their peers. Our proven, time-tested solutions, frameworks, accelerators, rich business knowledge and experienced, certified consultants, assure a best-in-class transformational journey.

Why Intelliswift images

AI-driven test designer

Why Intelliswift images

AI-driven test generation

Why Intelliswift images

AI-driven script less automation

Why Intelliswift images

Intelligent 100% test coverage & bug hunting

Why Intelliswift images

Blueprint application

Why Intelliswift images

Automated script maintenance

Why Intelliswift images

Automated functional tests reused as NFR tests

Why Intelliswift images

Mobile testing

Why Intelliswift images

Performance testing, security testing, compliance testing

Why Intelliswift images

Multi-platform, parallel execution experience

Why Intelliswift images

Auto-remediation, self-healing

Why Intelliswift images

Continuous learning & predictive trends

Why Intelliswift images

Consolidated reporting

Why Intelliswift images

Huge repository of accelerators

Intelliswift Outlook

Next-Gen Automation with iAssure: Intelliswift’s AI-Driven, Auto-Remedial Testing

Our Success Stories

case1 study

iAssure Boosts Predictable Performance for 3M+ Users for a Leading Digital Media Powerhouse

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case2 study

iAssure Enables QA Resources to Match Dev Innovation with 10x Faster Testing for a Healthcare Provider

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case3 study

Automotive Distributor Achieves 100X Faster Scripting, 80% Increase in Span & Coverage, And Reduces QA Resources by 70% – With iAssure

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