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With the adaptation of mobile devices and social media, companies and customers are generating tremendous volume(s) of data, significantly altering consumer behavior. Traditional BI is becoming obsolete and AI is taking over to provide competitive advantages. Futuristic technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing products and services have created skyrocketing demand for unified data science and analytics platforms. A trusted partner having a proper understanding of your business is needed to help you realize this hidden potential while you can focus on your core business area.

Koios from Intelliswift is a robust end-to-end unified data and analytics platform that helps enterprises institutionalize and gather actionable insights using the power of AI. The solution augments business performance with highly accurate statistical, predictive, and spatial data analytics with minimal coding and development effort.

Event-Driven Serverless Architecture – Koios Data Pipeline

Event-Driven Serverless Architecture – iDAP Data Pipeline

While being completely IT infrastructure agnostic, it is also the most cost-effective next-generation data
analytics platform available today.

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Pharma & Healthcare

While this industry does its best to make sure their customers are safe and healthy, Koios supports in doing this better by giving key insights at the right time with:

  • Patient and prescription management
  • Treatment and medication analysis
  • Patient health response analytics
  • Risk predictions
  • Diagnostics data accuracy
  • Surveillance control and management


With the advancements in technology (5G, wireless and IoT), traditional manufacturing is undergoing rapid transformation. Modern manufacturing plants are adapting automation through the use of robotics and sensors and it is estimated that companies adapting such modern technologies are able to unlock tremendous value through improved productivity, lesser equipment downtime, reduced wastage, etc.

With Koios, you can look at integrating your plant and leverage the power of AI.

Specifically, Koios can help you achieve the following:

  • Integrate your plant automation equipment and ability to predict downtimes from historical data
  • Monitor critical parameters like temperature, take a pro-active approach and prevent unplanned downtime and costly repairs
  • Reduce equipment and labor idle-time due to unplanned repairs
  • Schedule planned maintenance activities depending on work-loads
  • Efficient inventory prediction levels


Resonate with your customers via legitimate data analytics. Leverage a 360-degree analytics framework to enable your retail channel in order to:

  • Increase customer retention, response rate, conversion rate and renvenue
  • Understand which of your customers are most likely to disengage
  • Identify how many one-time customers you have
  • Prioritize your loyal customers


Customer centricity and improved user experience is a key differentiator for the banking sector. In order to provide personalized services, the ability to generate actionable insights becomes critical and using the power of AI from Koios helps you generate a 360-degree view of the customer. This platform can help you in:

  • Predictive analysis of credit risks and frauds
  • Implementing compliance regulations
  • Finance and business operations analysis
  • KPIs analytics
  • Loan processing and control
  • Insurance recommendation, claim support and settlement
  • Wealth management and analytics
  • Real-time reporting

Consumer Packaged Goods

Because of the global pandemic, customer purchase behavior has shifted from traditional brick and mortar to online purchases. Companies like Amazon and Walmart are embracing this new consumer behavior by optimizing order fulfillment, inventory availability and up-sale through the use of recommendation systems.

Using the predictive workbench available in Koios, CPG companies can develop various deep-learning models to create customer segmentation, analyze customer demographics, predict fast and slow-moving goods and generate more value and potential cross-selling and up-selling.

Business Functions


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Transform your business into a data-driven organization. Embrace the power of leveraging data for improved business performance, increased RoI and better margins.

  • Contract performance and analysis
  • Digital transformation of legal documents
  • Supply chain analytics and key performance indicators
  • Spend analytics


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Insights built to give a consolidated view on the financial health of the organization during the designated timelines. This would make sure that you are never left in the dark, moneywise!

  • Assets, liabilities
  • Cash flow, AR/ AP
  • Profit & loss
  • Operating margins
  • Financial ratios


Business Functions images
  • Facilities management
  • Energy, water usage
  • Water management
  • Carbon foot-print – ability to predict carbon footprint(s)
  • Security access and controls
  • Fire, temperature, flood controls

Sales & Marketing

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  • Campaign analytics
  • Marketing spend analytics – ability to control marketing spend to gain maximum customer acquisition
  • Customer acquisition cost

Human Resource

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Insights built upon multi touchpoint human resource data mapping assist you in knowing your workforce in depth, resulting into better performance, less attrition, and enhanced work satisfaction across all levels.

  • Recruitment & Staffing
  • Training & development
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Cost per hire, time to fill, etc.
  • Attrition rate, accession rate, etc.
  • Financial performance (utilization, billing rate, margins etc.)


Data Analyst

Become an unconstrained analyst with Koios. Find, prepare, enrich, munge and analyze all your data in a repeatable workflow and deliver deeper business insights in hours.

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Visualization Engineers

Turn your ideas into reality by efficiently spending your time analyzing data and creating compelling insights. With Koios visualization, level up your game to analytics success.

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Data Scientist

The cycle of building and deploying predictive models can be error-prone and laborious. Koios allows data scientists to build, deploy, and manage predictive models faster by limiting custom deployment code.

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Business Users

Your business users rely on accurate and timely insights to aid faster decision-making, but a myriad of technologies limit their ability to become a data-driven organization.

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Data and analytics are transforming organizations, industries, and the entire world. With an exponential growth in data and a rapidly increasing pace of business, organizations need to transform quickly to win.

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The Intelliswift Advantage

Koios, crafted by a team of data science specialists & relevant industry experts, aims to help your business with configurable and reusable data connectors and far-reaching real-time reporting for improved decision-making, no matter what your business type and size is.

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Decades of expertise in
data analytics solutions

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Proven track record to serve
leading brands with unparalleled
data science solutions

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Agile and result
focused business

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Comprehensive data science
tech-how in developing
industry specific systems

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Cutting-edge AI &
BI development

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Machine Learning (ML)
embedded solution

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