Business Analytics

Business analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performances. It touches every aspect of the business whether it’s analyzing financial data or gaining a comprehensive view of your customers. It provides us with the various tools and metrics for reporting and forecasting business behavior that can give a competitive edge to an organization providing simple, visual determinants of the business behaviors based upon which important strategic decisions are made.


  • Increased revenue and margin by studying analytical business statistics
  • Improved partner and customer relations and retention
  • Synchronizing financial and operational strategy
  • Better decision making by studying past and future trends
  • Assessment and implementation of Cloud services in future projects
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes and prediction analysis for business forecasting
  • Improved business analysis due to enhanced data manageability


Why Intelliswift?


  • Improved decision making by providing a bird’s eye view of the enterprise data
  • Development of reports including data filters, groupings and customized graphs to systematically monitor and analyze the data in the organization
  • Scalable standard as well as customized analytics development based upon the type of the application
  • Development of dashboards that provide a snapshot of key metrics and performance indicators of your organization